"I and my disabled son, Matthew, have been working with Anette for more than two years for very different reasons. Anette has helped me deal with some very difficult personal tragedies through the integration of my thoughts, emotions and body. More importantly, she has had more impact on my son’s physical rehabilitation from a traumatic brain injury than anyone else. He has gone from very little core strength, unable to kneel stand, roll over, or get up from lying and into his wheelchair. He can now accomplish all of these tasks and more while also just getting in touch with his new body. He looks forward to Anette’s visits more than anything else we do each week.

We know Anette to be kind, flexible, encouraging, creative with a good sense of humor. I credit her more than anyone else with Matthew’s miraculous recovery." -  Ed Slattery

"Anette has built a safe & peaceful haven for her yoga therapy.  Without quite realizing it's happening, one begins to shed skins of the past and painful moments - all depending on and linked to the poses she helps you achieve (or not - which is okay too), and the dialogue that grows out of them -- and the quieting of the mind that comes from both.  After years of talk therapy, this has been far more effective after losing family members, work opportunities, dealing with complex family dynamics -- and my own fears.  It's a remarkable practice from which we all can benefit, even if we're not having a rough time dealing with what life throws at us." - From a devoted client

After my youngest child left for college I felt that I needed to take some action to address my feelings of loss and the change to my identity. While searching for meditation and yoga classes near me I fortuitously stumbled onto Anette’s website. With mindfulness being so much in the news lately I thought I should investigate it for myself. I did not know what to expect and I have to say that I was quite skeptical at first having always associated meditation with a superficial and immature hippie spirituality. However the yoga component intrigued me. What I experienced over the next eight weeks quite literally changed my life. We had one class a week and homework to do everyday. For the first week or so I had to make an effort to follow through with my exercises but gradually I began to look forward to them. There really is some kind of change that occurs in the brain on a much deeper level than the cognitive. I began to enjoy both the yoga exercises and the meditation exercises. I began to have insights into my problematic behaviors and emotions and it didn’t feel at all self-indulgent (an initial concern). Part of this regimen involves keeping a journal and that journal has become a precious artifact of my process. I began to take time to notice things and be aware of negative patterns of thought. And I began to change. I’m not sure exactly how or when it started to happen but in the four months since my class I have lost 25 pounds (a good thing) without even thinking about it. I’m nicer to my husband and much more tolerant of irritations in general. Since my class with Anette, my interest in yoga has expanded to include various classes which I enjoy very much although they are more a physical experience than a meditation one. I continue to mediate moste everyday, and I am in the best physical and mental shape of my life.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have had Anette as my teacher and guide during this profound experience. I had known Anette casually for several years but I had no idea of the degree of dedication, professionalism and commitment that she devotes to her practice and her clients. I found that Anette’s quiet capacity for respectful empathy in a nonjudgmental setting allowed me to build the trust I needed to access and consider things about myself in a completely new way. I am signing up to take the course again because I know there is so much more to discover. Thank you Anette and thank you Phoenix Rising.

Susan Huppman

February 2016