ONE-ON-ONE              YOGA THERAPY          





One-on-one Phoenix Rising Yoga therapy sessions with Anette give an individual the opportunity to explore what is happening in his/her life in a safe and private environment.  Through assisted yoga poses, guided meditation, and dialogue, these sessions enable individuals to become more aware of their mind, body, and inner wisdom, and how they connect. The sessions are client centered, open ended, and non-directive of outcome.  With deeper awareness comes the opportunity to release traumas, limited beliefs, and old habits, and the potential to move forward in life with new perspectives and personal efficacy. 


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Group Work follows a progressive, thematic approach to awareness, choice, and change and is effective for a broad spectrum of participants coping with stress or illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, or addiction. The program is well suited to be offered through health institutions, educational organizations, and human resources departments of corporations.



One-on-one therapeutic yoga sessions are created to fit an individual’s personal needs and interests. Anette combines traditional and modified yoga poses, breath work, and guided meditation in any combination depending on the client.  The purpose is to help individuals after injuries, illness, or chronic pain reconnect with their bodies and help facilitate better health and well-being. 


Anette’s yoga classes are centering and slow moving, focusing on breathwork and the mind, body, spirit connection.  These classes encourage each individual to engage with their own experience, gaining an enhanced awareness of the self while improve balance, flexibility and physical strength.